About Us

Thank you so much for joining us at Sisters Under Pressure! We are Melissa (left) and Danielle (right) and we absolutely LOVE our Instant Pots! 🙂 Danielle purchased one, and Melissa purchased one the same day. We didn’t expect to start a blog, but after playing with recipes, taking fun photos to post on social media (who doesn’t love a great food photo?? :-D), we decided it would be fun!! 🙂 We are the new kids on the blogging block – be prepared for fun, deliciousness, and shenanigans!

  Sisters Under Pressure MelissaAbout Melissa

I am 27 years old and currently living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I just finished up my bachelor’s in physiology, cell and molecular biology with an emphasis in neuroscience at the University of South Dakota (go yotes!). I live with my husband Eric and our two dogs: an 8 year old maltese Isabel, and a 2 year old boxer/lab Dixie. We also have two rats (Walter and Henry), and a bearded dragon (Basal). What can I say, we are animal lovers!!  Eric and I were just married in April 🙂 One of my favorite hobbies is repurposing wine and liquor bottles, as well as frames and other pieces into unique home décor items. Eric and I also really enjoy camping, fishing, and exploring the outdoors. I am also an amateur yogi and a hardcore Harry Potter and Doctor Who fan!

Life has been hectic between finishing up my degree and planning a wedding, but thanks to my Instant Pot, cooking an easy but delicious dinner isn’t an added stress! I enjoy experimenting, and Eric and I are both very adventurous eaters. We LOVE a wide variety of foods from different cultures, and experimenting with different spices and flavors, so this will be a LOT of fun!

Sisters Under Pressure DanielleAbout Danielle

I’m from South Dakota but live in the Syracuse, New York area with my husband and two dogs, Treble and Mozart. I’m an orchestra teacher, love minions, Harry Potter,  Hamilton, and all things Disney 🙂 I’m a SUPER big kid at heart, and aim to have fun with whatever I am doing. In this area I’m also known as the duct tape lady (crazy, right????). I had run a business where I made things out of duct tape and raised money for local charities. It was INSANELY fun, and a really neat way to connect with organizations and my students. Now I’m having fun playing with recipes and electric pressure cooking everything 🙂 It’s been a fun journey, and I’ve met so many new people! I’m excited to share more!