Reading recipes for an Instant Pot can sometimes feel like you’re reading another language! Here are some definitions, and descriptions for those crazy codes!

IPInstant Pot – We don’t use this abbreviation often, but just in case! 🙂

QRQuick Release – Set valve to “venting” when cooking has finished.. This quickly releases the pressure. Be very careful when using this – the steam that comes out of the vent will be HOT. I like to use the spoon that came with my IP ( 😉 ) as a tool to move the valve to venting.

NR or NPRNatural (Pressure) Release – Do not move the valve when cooking has finished. Allow pressure to naturally drop on its own. You may see things like 10 minute NPR – this would mean to allow the pressure to release naturally for 10 minutes, then move the valve to venting.

Liner or Inner Pot – We often refer to the stainless steel bowl as a liner or inner pot for the cooker base. We don’t say pour the water in the “pot,” because want to make sure everyone puts the liner/inner pot in first! 🙂 We don’t want any accidents!

HP – High Pressure – Some of the IP’s have low pressure and high pressure options.

PIP – Pot in Pot – Food is cooked in another dish that is placed in the IP.

Sling – Sling – Some recipes may call for a foil “sling.” This is often made of a strip of foil that wraps under a dish, with the two ends sticking up to assist in removing the dish when cooking “PIP.”

Trivet – This is the metal rack that comes with the IP. It is placed in the pot, and keeps the food out of the liquid.