Instant Pot Amazon Black Friday Sale!

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We are so excited to announce this and we are doing an Instant Pot happy dance! Stay tuned – we will announce the details of the Amazon Black Friday sale as soon as we know more. Check here and follow our Facebook page for the latest update 🙂

Get those shopping fingers ready! We aren’t sure which Instant Pot(s) be on sale, but the DUO-60 was on sale on Amazon Prime day for $69! There was a limit of one per account – just a for your information. If you’re in the market for more than one (to gift, of course!!!), you may need to tag team with some friends or family. If you’re not sure which pot you might be looking for, compare the different pots here, and let us know if you have any questions 🙂 We can’t wait!!! 🙂



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