The Instant Pot Warranty and You

Instant Pot Warranty Information
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You’ve got a shiny new Instant Pot – isn’t it just fabulous? What could possibly go wrong?

In the event that you need to use your Instant Pot Warranty (covers all defects for 1 year from purchase), or that for some reason there is a recall, you’re going to be glad you registered it. Gone are the days of needing to mail in the registration for appliances (at least this one anyway)!  Have no fear – you can register your new bundle of kitcheny joy right online!! Head over to  to register your Instant Pot.

I’m sorry to report that you will not receive a sticker that says, “I registered!” but you can sleep better at night knowing your investment will be protected. And if you really want a sticker… here ya go 🙂 Print it and wear it with pride!

Instant Pot Warranty Registration Sticker


All of the Instant Pot warranty information can be found at In the event that something does go wrong, check the FAQ’s, and if needed an online support ticket can be opened. The status of the ticket can also be checked right on their website. Now that is snazzy!

Instant Pot Support Page Screenshot
Screenshot from Instant Pot Support page as of 12/16/16


Here’s a semi-random bonus tip that doesn’t require warranty protection! This has happened to me, some of my friends who have purchased Instant Pots, and many others. The Instant Pot won’t turn on – your heart races, you panic because dinner needs to be done STAT and you have no backup plan. My stress level is rising just thinking about this!! But wait for it…. if you have the detachable power cord, check to be sure that it is securely plugged into the pot. I’ll never forget the day when mine didn’t come on, and I almost had a toddler style meltdown. Alas, it was just the plug. The Instant Pot support page also addresses this issue and a few other common ones which may not need a support ticket.

If you haven’t registered your Instant Pot, I hope you are encouraged to take a few moments to submit the information. I wouldn’t want to see anyone in a pickle because this nugget of information was overlooked. Happy registering!


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