Instant Pot? What, Why, Who, Where???

Instant Pot Questions Answered
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If you already have an Instant Pot and you’re ready to figure it out, head to this page 🙂


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Welcome to all of our fabulous SUP followers! 🙂 Danielle here!

I’ve been asked several times, “What is an Instant Pot????” My response is often, it’s a magical device, because that’s how I really feel! It makes yogurt, and meat, and soup, and bread, and just EVERYTHING lightning fast, and at the touch of a button! Melissa and I both have the 6-quart 7-in-1 IP-DUO60 Instant Pot. We LOVE them!! There are other Instant Pot models, but we have found this one to truly fit our needs. I’ve listed the other models at the end of this blog 🙂 If you’re ready to just jump in and compare the different Instant Pot models, head here.

What is an Instant Pot??
-At the root, it’s an electric pressure cooker, but also functions as a slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, warmer, and a sauté pan. I LOVE the sauté function – I use it all of the time! I can cook frozen food in it (I forget to thaw things ALL of the time!) which was a huge deciding factor for me.

Instant Pot Buttons Closeup - Sisters Under Pressure
It has so many functions!

Why do I need this?
-Well first, we’d love for you to follow and cook with us! 🙂 Second, I KNOW y’all are busy people, and would love to have more time with your families, friends, and Netflix. This mystical creation makes food tasty, delicious, and FAST! If the food is frozen, thawed, canned, boxed – it will cook it all!

Why the Instant Pot?
-I followed the official Instant Pot Community on Facebook for a while, trying to decide if it was something that was right for me. My husband knows I’m a sucker for kitchen appliances, accessories, and pretties, so I decided to do research so I could support this purchase. I loved everything about it. The stainless steel pot was what really sold me. I didn’t want a pot that was non-stick. The functions are also FABULOUS, and easy to use! I love that most recipes are a toss in and walk away sort of thing – all of the convenience of a crock pot, but faster 🙂

IP DUO-60 - 6 Quart 7-in-1 Instant POt
Danielle’s DUO60 Instant Pot

Who needs this??
-I’m convinced every person who wants delightful, delicious, healthful foods with time to spare, needs an Instant Pot. And if you like cheesecake – you DEFINITELY need one (teaser!!)!

Where do I get an Instant Pot?
-I have heard of some instances where people have found their Instant Pots in local stores. I haven’t found any locally and purchased online from Amazon. I used Amazon Prime, and it was here in two days!!! After I started cooking with it, I couldn’t believe I had waited so long to purchase one!! 🙂

If you have an Instant Pot, are considering an Instant Pot, or just want to watch our fun shenanigans – please stick around!! 🙂 For more information, check out our Tools and Tips page 🙂


Other Instant Pot Models:
*5-quart IP-LUX50 Instant Pot
*6-quart 6-in-1 IP LUX60 Instant Pot
*8-quart IP-DUO80 Instant Pot
*6-quart Smart-60 Bluetooth-Enabled Instant Pot




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